Wednesday, June 18, 2014


About a week out of school, and I am already thinking about next year!!! What.Is.Wrong.With.Me??? Normally, I give myself a few weeks before I allow the next school year to sneak into my summer vacation. However, I have a new challenge ahead of me next year, and need all the time I can get. I have taught 4th grade for the last 4 years, and was finally getting into a groove. Then, at the end of this year, I was hit with the news that I will be teaching a 4th/5th split next year. While, I am always up for something new and excited about the change,  I know that I am going to face challenges along the way. The first one recently hit me, when I realized that I will be looping several students, and that they have already been exposed to my collection of back-to-school activities. Realizing that I was going to have to reinvent the wheel, after 4 years of the same thing, I decided to create a whole new set of back-to-school activities....
This product is available on Teachers Pay Teachers and includes a variety of get-to-know-you activities, and other items to help start the school year. Here is a preview of some of my favorites....
For more info. and a more extensive preview, visit my TpT Page!!

Happy Back-to-School Planning!!!


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! My principal told me I'm moving from 4th to 3rd. My students were reallyyy mad.. they wanted me to loop with them. (& I secretly wanted to too..)

    I love your idea about interviewing another student! & I like your scavenger hunt around the classroom! But I think my favorite is the letter to yourself :)

    A Little of LiLi

  2. WOW!! How exciting!! I have never done a split class before, but remember the excitement of being moved from1st to 3rd. From following your blog - you will do great :)

  3. HELLO! I am your newest follower-HOORAY! Smiles and stop by anytime!!

  4. I feel ya! I've been out of school 4 days now and I've already made a TON of new products for next year!! Yours look great!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  5. Hi Rebecca! I haven't been out of school a week and I am already planning for next year. I may be changing from sixth to fifth/sixth, so I am having to readjust my thinking. I'm suddenly worried that there aren't enough days to get everything done! (And it is still June!) I guess that just proves I am a teacher. I'm off to check out the new product... Happy Summer!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

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  9. Hi Rebecca,
    What are the names of the fonts that you used on the document "My Teacher"(the heading and the writing beside the numbers)
    I love them!!

    1. The fonts used are both KG fonts. The title font is KG Only Hope and the numbers are KG Summer Sunshine!

    2. Awesome thanks!!! What about the writing beside the three numbers?

    3. That font is called kg strawberry limeaid!